Data Protection,

the first thing to say is that We (the 8th Bolton East Scout Group) takes the safety of your data seriously and only holds what we need to allow us to manage youth and volunteer membership this is held under the scout association data protection policy (following GDPR).

so what does that mean to you?

In short this means we hold your data safely in two main ways,

firstly the old fashioned paper format, this is kept to a minimum and is usually only used for taking data away on events with us (where technology may not be easily accessible) and collecting data from you. the only exception of this is we hold accident forms in paper format and they are kept for a longer period as required by law. we will shread data when we no longer require to keep it.

the second way we hold details electronically, this can be on a third party company system (online scout manager, Facebook) or via our email systems this is in one of 2 locations, firstly on our gmail account and secondly on our webmail that is hosted by LCN (which server it is held on will depend on the email address that is used)

How long will you keep our information? 

this will depend on several factors (not the least what the law requires) but the short answer is only as long as we need to, there are some things we are required to keep even after members leave (these include things like accident forms and registers) 

Transparency and accuracy

we are happy to answer any questions about data that you have all you need to do is ask (this may require a sar to be completed to enable us to comply with GDPR) please feel free to speak with your leader about this or visit the OSM parent portal where the majority of data is viewable, this also enables you to update your data directly ensuring we comply with GDPR rule on accuracy .

Our third party processors

Online Scout Manager (OSM)