Group Special Orders

Group Hoodies

child Hoodies up to XLY                          £18.60
Adult Hoodies for under 12yr olds        £19.68 (VAT reduction declaration required)
Adult Hoodies                                           £23.61 (inc VAT)H

Group Baseball Cap

One Size              £6.50  £5.50

Group Neckerchief

One Size                  £4.50  

Paracord Items

(any profits from this section will be used to support any of our former scouts who have the honour of going to the World Scout Jamboree)

Turks head Woggle 

This is mainly for scouts.

Kit  £1.00 each

premade £1.50 Each.


Paracord Bracelet

Cobra Kit          £2.00

(this kit includes everything that you require to build a Cobra weave bracelet)

Cobra Bracelet   £3.00

Sanctified Bracelet £3.50

Key rings

there are different options available please ask.

Kit      £TBC

(Everything you need to make your own keyring.)

DNA   £3.50    (as pictured)

Box     £3.00