this has a comprehensive guide to our Pack


First and foremost welcome to the 8th Bolton East Cubs,

we hope that your child will have an amazing time with us, if you have any questions or concerns please just speak with a Leader who will happily help if they can. the idea behind this section of the website is give you detailed information about our cub pack and its traditions. It will also tell you what your child will be doing leading up to their investiture, about the badges and awards, camping, Trips and subs etc..

one of the main points people often find surprising is that All scouting is run by local volunteers, all our regular volunteers have undergone the scout Association safeguarding checks (including DBS) and received training  relevant to their role. We run all activities and meetings in accordance with the scout association policy, organisation and rules (POR) .



Our Cubs meet on a Tuesday evening 7 till 8.30 throughout the year with the exception of 2 weeks at Christmas and New Year (this includes all school holidays!). There are occasions when we also meet at weekends to do specific events/trips (these will have notes sent home with permission slips.) Unfortunately there are also occasions when leaders are unavailable. In the unlikely event of this happening we will give as much notice as possible. On the occasions that your child is unable to attend we would appreciate it if you could contact us so we are not waiting for them to start the evenings activities.



Subs are £10 paid monthly (if this is a problem please speak to a leader we maybe able to help). This covers the cost of materials, a meeting place and membership to the national scout association, but please notes leaders are all volunteers and do not get paid!


Subs can be paid weekly, monthly or on a longer basis (in advance) depending on your preference. subs are paid direct via standing order /bank transfer. 


please note due to cost of insurance etc subs is payable if cubs attend or not as we have split the cost over 48 weeks (the break down can be found here).


Standing order/transfer information


Bank                      Barclays Bank

Name :                   8th Bolton East Cub Scouts

sort code:              20-10-71

account number:   93582094


Please include your cubs individual reference _(name,subs) so this could be JoeK,subs (please do include surname initial in case we have multiple Joes)_________________


Grand Howl

The first ceremony your child will see is the grand howl which opens and closes the cub meetings. Cubs are based on the story of the jungle book and grand howl comes from the wolf pack howling to its leader. Each cub pack has a slightly different variation of grand howl but they will soon get it for the first week they can just stand still and watch




This is the ceremony where your child becomes a full member of the Cub pack. This involves reciting the cub scout promise/law (We try to make this as relaxed as is possible as we are aware that the cubs will be nervous). A copy of the promise and law is can be found Here please help your child to learn these.

We try to arrange investitures within eight weeks of joining us (subject to them completing the cub scout membership award.) The ceremony takes place at the end of our weekly meeting, and parents, carers and family members are encouraged to attend. but please don’t worry if its a few weeks either way (please give us a nudge if its longer though) We will try to give you at least a weeks’ notice of when your child will be invested.




Our cubs take part in 2 parades a year the first being St Georges day (patron saint of scouting and England where everyone connected with scouting renews their promise).  the other parade of the year is Remembrance parade. We will give you as much advance notice of exact dates as we can but we do expect every cub to attend parades and on unusual occasions there could be other parades.



Many of the activities that we do require consent this is now usually via OSM Event invite but there is still a couple that we legally have to have a paper form for, Unfortunately if we do not get these back when required your child will be unable to take part in the event. OSM also send out reminders frequently so please remember to answer yes or no as you will automatically get email reminder




Essential cub uniform that our pack requires on a weekly basis is the cub scout jumper and group Necker. On official occasions (e.g. parades) the cubs would require smart trousers/skirt (navy blue dark grey or black school type is fine) and smart shoes. There are additional items of uniform that can be purchased at your discretion.

The cub jumper is available from lots of places but the current most popular option is online from and this will be needed for your child to be invested as this is when they receive their official membership badges.

The first piece of the uniform that is required is the group Necker this should be got after 2—3 weeks and is purchased through us currently the costs is  £5.50  (this is subject to change depending on supplier costs).

General clothing

Cubs are asked not to wear clothing to be active in on a regular night (if there are specific requirements we will let you know) one thing that we do request is that if cubs want to wear Skirts please can they have shorts or leggings under them due to some of the games/activities we do.


During your child’s time in cubs they will have the opportunity to work towards  various badges. These will be a mixture of activity badges as well as the cub challenge badges. we have uploaded a picture for each sections uniform badge placement here for you. 

Work that your child does that is not at cubs can also be put towards some Badges (e.g. computers, music and sports activities.) you can access all the information on badges through our OSM Badges section and we have invested in the badges at home to allow you to choose what you thing your child has completed and upload evidence so that leaders cab award it.


Adventurous activities


We try to make cubs as adventurous as we can and always follow the scout rules. Our group is lucky enough to have qualified instructors in many adventurous activities and regularly take part in these, we offer activities such as archery, climbing, kayaking etc if you have any concerns about any of our activities please speak to one of the leaders who will be happy to help. (please note for shooting we require a paper section 21 form completing each time)



please follow this link to our camping section which gives you all sorts of information

Facebook/Social media

Our scout group has a group Facebook page, where we keep you up to date and share offers information photos etc., this is only accessible if you are invited by an admin to be a member of the group so please let a leader know if you are on Facebook and want to be a member so that we can invite you or friend Leader eighthbolton but please message who you are so we can accept. This group is monitored and only  selected people and current parents are members for safety.

cubs also have a WhatsApp group that we are using to pass information please speak to us for a link to join this as it will be easiest way to stay in touch.



As we said in the welcome all leaders are DBS cleared, if any of you wish to help regularly or are interested in joining us on camps etc we can arrange a free DBS for you. Without a DBS in place it could delay your abilities to take part in events and means you cannot stay on camp