Waiting list

We aim to get young people in to sections as quickly as we can but we are limited with places we can provide due to volunteers and the space available at our hut, Sadly this does mean our group can be more popular than we have spaces, so we use a Waiting list that is linked to our Online Scout Manager (OSM) system, this allows us to manage people waiting for places and easily transfer there basic information to our sections, 

                                                                                                                      Our waiting list policy 

We find that our section leaders know their sections best so there is some leaders discretion when using our waiting list but as a general rule we follow these principals.

If there are members who have been in a section and are of the age to join the next section these members are automatically entitled to the space before we look at the waiting list.

We usually use a strait forward first come basis but there are some occasions where we give priority to people joining our waiting list such as existing members who are transferring from outside the district (usually due to moving home) as well as siblings and looked after children.

Please complete this form to be added to our waiting list

young person's Name and Date of Birth plus any additional information (if you are an adult enquiring about volunteering please just put Adult) Some times we are unable to offer a place to start straight away but we will add potential members to our waiting list on our OSM system if you don't want us to do this please add that to the notes section below.
Please give us a quick message about what you are looking for. Make sure you have completed the details in new member box if enquiring about young person joining